Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes – A Job Scam From Way Back!

Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes Scam

Envelope stuffing or home mailing schemes have apparently been around since the Great Depression.

I would have thought and hoped that with the wide use of internet and technological advances that by now this scam would be more or less dead. But unfortunately, no, there are still sites and classified ads promoting this as a way of earning money from home.

At one time this was a legitimate way of earning some extra cash with companies sending out a lot of mail, but it was always very badly paid.

Today, if a company needs to send out lots of mailshots or fliers there are machines that will fold and insert the fliers into the envelopes. This makes it completely unviable for companies to employ people to carry out this task.

I can understand people falling for these home mailing jobs, it’s easy work and the pay sounds good. However, the reality is if you try this envelope stuffing work you will be involved in a scam.


Envelope Stuffing Jobs

Can you believe these ads are for real?

Here’re just a few of the advertisements I found online.

This one’s from a site called Hazel Peppergood.  You have to pay $68.95  for a report giving you the names of supposedly legitimate envelope stuffing companies.

hype earn up to $1872 every week envelope stuffing

Another from, this one costs you $29.95 and they say you are paid $5 for every envelope you stuff.

better to get a real job than to stuff envelopes at home

An advert from a company called again costs $29.95 and you receive $5 per envelope filled. Nice work if you can get it!

get paid to fill envelopes from home - this is a scam

Do people really believe they can make this sort of money from envelope stuffing? The only money that is going to be earned from these schemes is when you pay your registration fee and it won’t be you receiving the money!

Some sites that offer envelope stuffing work also promote other job offers such as:

  • completing surveys which may not be a complete scam but, in my opinion, is largely a waste of time
  • assembling products – another scam. You pay a fee and you are sent the materials. When you send the assembled goods back to the supplier the quality is never good enough for them to pay you.


How Do the Envelope Stuffing Scams Work?

Most of the companies that market these schemes suggest that they will send you envelopes, you will stuff them and then send them out. You earn anything up to $5 for every envelope you stuff.

It seems an ideal way to make money online. The drawback is that you have to pay before you find out exactly what’s involved.

The companies that run these schemes say it’s to protect themselves from people who aren’t serious. This may be true as they are sending out some materials for you to get started. However, it’s only when you receive the starter kit that you learn exactly what you will be doing.

The starter kit

Once you have paid your money, you are meant to receive the starter kit. Actually, you will either receive nothing or you’ll receive instructions on how to start your own envelope stuffing “business”. And it won’t be what you thought you were getting into.

You will be told to place advertisements or create fliers to entice new people into the envelope stuffing “work”. This time, they will send you the money to get a job. In return, you send them the same instructions that you received. And so it goes on, a never-ending chain.

Here is an example of a suggested flier.

flier for envelope filling scam

Recruit others into the envelope stuffing scheme

Although you are told you won’t be selling, you will only be paid when people reply to your adverts or fliers. You may be desperate, but don’t get involved. You will be printing fliers and perhaps be placing ads to attract new members to this scam. This means you will have to spend a little money yourself.

Can you imagine if you carry on with this? You will have gone from being a victim to someone who is trying to scam others and breaking the law? Remember if you do promote an envelope-stuffing scheme you can be prosecuted.

This business is based on signing up new members, who in turn, sign up new members. There is no product being sold so it is a form of pyramid scheme.

The people these types of schemes prey on are the desperate, the unemployed, stay at home moms, the retired or even the disabled. Anyone who really needs to earn some extra cash by working from home.



Two of the above schemes offer a “guarantee” that everything they have told you is true. The other one gives a 6-month guarantee if you are disappointed with a program after preparing and posting 500 envelopes.

Not surprisingly you can find complaints about all these programs and of course, they don’t honor any guarantee they give.

If you have been scammed by one of these programs, you can try and contact them for a refund. Normally they don’t reply but no harm trying. Also, let them know you will be reporting them to different organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission (, the Better Business Bureau ( and your local consumer protection offices.

If you found the envelope stuffing job via an advert let the company know, be it a magazine or a website, that they are advertising a scam.


FTC and BBB Warnings

If you need any further confirmation that these envelope stuffing jobs are scams do a Google search for BBB envelope stuffing jobs and you will find several articles they have written on the subject over the years. The FTC, the US Postal Inspection Service, and other consumer sites have also issued warnings.

Here’s a link to an article from the FTC.


There have also been several prosecutions, generally, when the schemes have many thousands of victims and the owners have stolen several millions of dollars. Here are two of the cases I found: Arkansas man and woman convicted of mail fraud and Spammer faces jail time for envelope-stuffing scheme


In Conclusion

I find it very frustrating that this scam that has been going on for so long still manages to attract new victims. The FTC has closed some sites, but there are still way too many online that go unpunished.

Whatever you do don’t sign up for one of these schemes, anything that involves envelope stuffing steer clear.

Start your own online business

If you have a few hours per day to spare filling envelopes, why don’t you use this time to start your own legitimate business? You may not make any money straight away and it will take hard work. However, it is 100% legitimate.

You must accept there is no such thing as easy or quick money. Everyone who is successful, online or offline, has worked hard to get there.

Many people hesitate because they are afraid of building a website. However, there is software available that makes it very easy to build a website and add a great looking sales page.

If you think this is something you would like to try it would be a good idea to get educated in building an internet marketing business. It might sound a little intimidating but believe me, there are thousands of people just like you who are earning money this way.

To get a better idea of what is involved, take a look at my top recommended online training program. It’s completely free to join (you don’t even need your credit card) and you are even given 2 free websites.

You will see how quick and easy it is to create a website and you will receive your first 10 lessons of training for free. At that point, you may decide you would like to continue or choose it’s not for you. Either way no problem and no pressure. Even if you don’t go any further you can still keep your 2 websites.

Thanks for reading and if you have any experience of any stuffing envelopes jobs I would love to hear your story in the comments section below.



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