Legit Online Jobs – sounds good but remarkably little value!

Will legit online jobs help you make money?

Legit Online Jobs, is the encouraging title to this program, but will the reality prove as promising?

Finding legitimate work from home isn’t easy and the sales page says the program is about posting ads, strange, I gathered from the title it was for finding a job. Let’s see what else they promise.


Product: Legit Online JobsLegit Online Jobs Scam Review
Overall Ranking: 10 out of 100 or  0.5/5 stars
Price: $34.95 with a downsell to $24.95
Owner: Ross Williams or Ross Belgrade??
Website: http://www.legitonlinejobs.com/

tired of scams like Legit Online Jobs


What is Legit Online Jobs?

This is a site that teaches you different ways to make money online. The main way they teach is affiliate marketing, which is a good legitimate way to earn money online. The emphasis is put on doing this through classified ads. They also give some training on other methods of earning money online.

Although the title of the site suggests you can find a job, there are no real jobs, this is just a business opportunity. The program has been around for a few years and it seems a while back it was stated that the owner was Ross Belgrade this has now changed to Ross Williams.


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to earn money online, available worldwide, you must be over 18 years old. You are told all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

If you are a newbie to the world of earning money online you might find some useful information here. The problem is much of the material is out of date. Some of the methods they cite are now not recommended.


Getting Started

After paying to get access and creating your account, you are obliged to give your details again this time including your telephone number, before you can actually access the program. Giving a telephone number is something I don’t recommend, you will probably be pestered to buy other programs or additional training (as you will see in the complaints below), but for the sake of this review, I had to give it to get in.

Finally, you get access to the members area where you will be pleased to read you don’t need to spend any more money to start earning money.

There are 5 different sections for earning money in diverse ways, as you can see below.


Pros and Cons


  • 60-day guarantee
  • It is possible to make money from affiliate marketing or selling on eBay
  • You are told it’s not a get rich quick scheme


  • Made to sound easy
  • Outdated low-quality information
  • The same information can be found for free
  • A program that recommends taking surveys as a way of earning money online can’t be taken seriously
  • Hype – $50 per hour taking surveys, $9000 per month for posting ads. If it was this easy we would all be doing these simple tasks and earning a fortune
  • 1 on 1 coaching – don’t fall for this, it’s another way for them to sell you useless programs
  • No real job opportunities just a database which is not kept up to date


Let’s have a look at what’s offered

Ad Cash System

This is basically a link posting scheme, you are encouraged to sign up for an account with Clickbank and other affiliate networks. You are then shown how to choose products to promote and how to obtain your hoplink.

The next step is promoting the products and they show you several different ways to do this firstly free methods:

  • Setting up free ads, you are given a list of free classified sites, like Craigslist, you can try
  • They also promote a free prebuilt website that you can use, you put the products you promote on your website and then in the adverts you place on the classifieds you include a link back to your site. Don’t fall for this, it’s a hosting scam that we’ve seen in some other reviews.
  • Posting ads on message boards or on forums relative to the product you’re promoting always with your affiliate link in your signature.
  • The last of the free methods they mention is blogging. They provide some dated videos and outdated reading material that is meant to help you. Why don’t they provide some current training material? I suppose they’re afraid it might cost them some money!


Then paid:

  • PPC
  • Opt-in email lists. You write the advert and pay for the number of subscribers you want to send your ad to. You are given the names of companies that provide legitimate email lists.Legit Online Jobs no 1 work at home opportunity?


Will these methods work?

Overall they provide a lot of information albeit some very outdated information and the majority of these methods will have very limited results. I certainly wouldn’t say they are the no.1 work at home opportunity as they suggest.

  • Most free ad platforms don’t allow affiliate links, the same goes for forums and message boards. Even if your advert is accepted by the free ad site, these platforms are inundated with ads, so your ad will quickly be lost in the ocean of ads.
  • While email marketing could work you will be sending your offers to people who may have no interest in the products you are promoting.
  • Pay Per Click would work but you will really need some training to know what you are doing. If not, it might cost you a lot of money for some very poor results.
  • The best of these methods is blogging, however, if you want to earn money quickly don’t consider this. Creating your own blog will take a considerable amount of work and it will probably be sometime before you see any sales. If you think you might be interested in creating your own affiliate marketing blog, you should consider some real, up to date, step by step training.

The information that is available here you can find yourself for free, in fact, you can find material that is more up to date. Therefore, take a little time, do your own research, there is no need to pay for this knowledge.

The next items were offered as free bonuses on the sales pages, good job they are free because they really don’t provide any additional value.Legitonlinejobs so called bonus - real online jobs

Real Jobs

They don’t have any real job opportunities just links to sites that might have jobs. Many of the links no longer work, this is a page that is clearly not updated very often.

To me, this seems like you could waste a lot of time searching here and find nothing of value. Some of the jobs are really a waste of time like, doing data entry, and there are better places to look if you want a real job. Searching yourself on the search engines would give better results and for free.


Paid Surveysbonus_taking_surveys

Can they be serious about offering surveys as a way of earning money online? Yes, it is possible to earn a few cents here and there but by and large, it’s a complete waste of time. A site that promotes surveys can’t be considered as sincere.

I get the impression that they think by having loads of links to different sites both in the survey section and in the jobs section people will think they are getting value for money. The truth is they are encouraging people to waste their time.


Advanced Money-Making Secrets

In this section, they cover building an affiliate marketing site, PPC optimization, SEO and selling your own product. All these subjects could be very useful, however, the information supplied by Legit Online Jobs is dated  (I found a copy of one article on another site the date was 2008) They probably brought some PLR articles and put them on the site to make it look as if they are giving lots of good info.

They have an Amazon Affiliate video training course, I found this on sale for $8.49 and it dates from 2010. So what you’re getting in this section is some more outdated training that may contain some information that is still relevant, but also contains other information that could seriously hurt your search engine rankings if you decide to follow the supplied instructions to start your affiliate marketing business.

It’s easy to find free up to date information on starting an affiliate marketing business, you don’t need to pay for the obsolete material that you get here. If you’re a newbie you’ll be better off with an up to date training program with step by step lessons.


Make Money on eBay/Wholesale Sourcesbonus_make_money_on_eBay

The last section deals with sourcing products and creating an eBay store. Again this section features an article dating from at least 2008. This might give a few useful pointers to someone with no knowledge, but this is another article you can find on several sites. I get the impression that all these articles that they post on their site are just a sort of cover to make you think you are getting value for money.

The truth is, you are paying to get access to these articles that are available for free elsewhere and a few videos that may be available for free or a very small cost.


How much does this cost?

The program costs $34.95, there is a downsell to $24.95. The program is promoted through Clickbank, so at least, you have a solid 60-day guarantee.

There is an upsell for VIP membership $37.00 that includes lots of freebies, probably more ancient PLR articles or videos.



Although some people seem to think this is a legitimate program, probably due to the amount of outdated information provided, there are many complaints.

The main complaint is about the telephone calls, never give your telephone number to these make money online programs!


Even one complaint from an employer who was trying to post a job.




Final opinion

I don’t recommend joining this program, you will get a lot of outdated information. I get the impression that they have tried to make the site look good value by adding lots of content. However, the problem with this content is it dates from at least 7 or 8 years ago and things in internet marketing have changed. What was good 8 years ago might not work today.

Really they are charging people to read articles they have probably obtained for free or very little cost. Legit Online Jobs has created a site on the cheap, they don’t keep it updated and they charge people $34.95 or $24.95 just to enter their website.

These people couldn’t care less if you make money or not, like so many other programs they’re just after your cash.

Verdict: Not Recommended

If you’re looking for a legit work from home job this post gives you some great tips.


Another Alternative

If you are still interested in making money online after reading about this not so great product. Creating an affiliate marketing site is a great way to get started. I think it’s the best method for creating an online income. But when you are ready to start, don’t use a program like Legit Online Jobs, you won’t get very far with their methods.

I’ve tried and reviewed quite a few programs, but the only one I recommend and that has taught me how to earn money online is Wealthy Affiliate. A training course that provides up to date step by step lessons that are very easy to follow. You can even join for free to check it out.

See how it compares to Legit Online Jobs in the comparison chart below.


If you have any experience with Legit Online Jobs I would love to have your feedback. Or if you have any questions or comments leave them below. Please do me a little favor and share this review, it might help to save others from wasting their money.



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