Home Earning System Scam – Yet Another Kelly Richards Scheme!

Home Earning System another link posting scam

Home Earning System is another link posting scheme that claims the owner is Kelly Richards. It’s strange, there are some names that often pop-up in online rip-offs and of course, Kelly Richards is one such name.

It surprises me the scammers don’t bother to change names instead of using the same names several times. There are 3 names Kelly Frazer, Jessica Marshall and Kelly Richards who are associated with programs that are almost exactly the same as Home Earning System.

Read on to see why I think this is a scam.

Product: Home Earning Systemreasons not to join Kelly Richards link posting scheme
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 100 or 0.0/5 stars
Price: $97 downsells to 77$ then 47$
Owner: Kelly Richards??
Website: homeearningsystem.com/F0038d/step1.php


What Is Home Earning System?

From the sales video, it looks like this is a great opportunity to make money online. There are lots of screenshots to convince us that Kelly Richards is making a fortune online.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details about what you will actually be doing to earn money. Although, towards the end of the sales video, it does say you will get paid for posting links.

So, there you have it, this is another link posting scheme. These are well-known scams that have been around for years and are still attracting new victims.


Who is This For?

Home Earning System state that you need no prior experience or skills. This is already a warning, see what the Better Business Bureau say about such schemes.

 Be wary of any promise that you can make lots of money with no experience. You may find yourself buying coaching and training services to help you with your opportunity with no return on your investment.  Not only are the services worthless, but by paying a fee, you are giving the scammer your financial information and they may use that to take more of your money.

You should really steer clear of this scheme and any similar schemes you find on the internet. The explanation they give for getting paid to post links isn’t true and it’s made to sound much too easy.

Yes, there is a legitimate way to receive commissions for linking to companies products, it’s called affiliate marketing. If you’re a beginner you can learn how to start affiliate marketing. The truth is this will take time and effort.



The Sales Video

The sales video, that goes on for a long time, goes through the Kelly Richards hard luck story. Then after a fortuitous meeting with a mysterious Micheal, who gives her the system he is using to make money, she recounts her great success.

Several times in the video Kelly says the system is free and she even says she is going to pay out of her own pocket to help you get started.

Let’s see what you get:

  • Guaranteed immediate placement – I don’t really know what this means!
  • Access to the member’s area with resources and lifetime updates
  • Kelly’s money-making secrets
  • Unlimited license to use the Home Earning System Pro software
  • The getting started interface with step by step instructions
  • Free one on one consultation with a start-up specialist
  • Lifetime email support

In this convoluted scheme, Kelly says you are getting all the above for free, although it has a value of more than $5000!

BUT as Michael and his team are giving you a free license to use their link posting software you have to pay a small fee. Michael is giving you a free license but you still have to pay – strange!

According to Kelly, their software is worth $397. However, as that is too much for someone starting, Micheal is going to debit her credit card $300 for every new member. This means that you will have to pay $97.

You’ve been watching a video for more than 30 minutes, several times they tell you it’s free. Imagine the deception when she hits you with the price of $97!



What Will You Be Doing?

Needless to say, you will be posting links and that’s just about all you are told. There are 4 steps, that make it sound very easy:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select a link
  3. Paste your link into the proper field – what or where is the proper field you are left to imagine
  4. Click publish content and let the software do the work for you. Then sit back and enjoy your success

During the video, there is a screenshot from Link Posting Pro and it clearly states that you will be “injecting” the affiliate links into your website content.

This means that you will not only be posting links but also writing articles. This is affiliate marketing and you aren’t paid for simply posting links. You are paid when someone buys a product after clicking on your affiliate link.

The next question is how will people find your article? There are 2 choices either you will have to pay for adverts or you will obtain organic or free visitors from the search engines.

This means you will spend money to perhaps make a few sales or you are going to have to learn about search engine optimization, how to write articles and how to set up a website.

It probably doesn’t sound as easy now as Kelly would have you believe!


Some Red Flags

There are several giveaways that this is a scam.logos from well-known companies

  • Logos from well-known companies to give you confidence the program is legit.
  • Pressure tactics in the video, on the screen above and below the video, pressure tacticsand even on the order page. They never stop telling you to sign up fast!
  • False testimonials and stock photos. Nothing surprising here many of the scam sites use this tactic.
  • Screenshots of earnings – it’s very easy to create false earnings and accounts.
  • Downsells – when you click to leave the site the price comes down. Would a site that supposedly has members waiting to join and limited places really do this?
  • The video is more or less exactly the same as for Work At Home Paycheck. The actress presenting the video may have changed but otherwise, it’s the same. Same hard luck story and same link posting scheme. Look at the 2 images below.WAH Paycheck and Home Earning System
  • Home Earning System gives you 3 steps to start:
    1. Watch the getting started video
    2. Call your startup specialist – sounds okay but beware! The specialist will probably try to sell you more training
    3. Set up your free website – again this sounds good but is another trick to get encourage you to pay for a website with expensive hosting. If you are thinking of building a website there are several platforms you can use that have either a free trial or allow you to build a free site.


How Much Does Home Earning System Cost?

The price for this program, or rather the link posting software, is $97 but if you click to leave the page a couple of times the price comes down to $47.


The Guarantee

The 30-day 100% money back guarantee is another seemingly reassuring point with this program. However, the reality seems to be a little different.

They promise you a triple satisfaction guarantee:

  • Placement as a search engine agent by joining the link-posting certification program. Ridiculous promises – what is a search engine agent? Link-posting certification program – you need absolutely no qualifications or certificate to become an affiliate marketer.
  • You will make money with Kelly Richards Home Earning System or it’s free.
  • If you ask for a refund you keep the bonus gifts. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this 100% risk-free offer.

If you read some of the comments on my WAH Paycheck review, (these 2 programs are the same) you will see that they may offer you a 20% refund initially, gradually increasing as you protest. To get a full refund you will have to fight.


My Opinion

This is another link posting scam. There are many of these programs that have been around for several years.

It’s just not possible to make money as easily as these schemes suggest. They are selling you the dream that making money online is easy. Don’t believe them!

To earn money online takes times and effort. You can post links to make money online but the way you do it is nothing like described in these link posting scams. The real method of doing this is affiliate marketing.

For example, you find a product to promote, write a review of the product and include your affiliate link. Perhaps you think it still sounds easy. Unfortunately, one review won’t make you any money because no one will see your review.

To get your reviews in front of people you will have to write many reviews, over a period of time. Little by little the search engines will trust your site and accordingly rank your site higher in the search results.

When you get to the first page of Google you will start to get visitors to your site and articles. Gradually you will start earning some money.

You may consider this a lot of work. It is, but once you start earning it’s a great feeling and you may be able to quit your regular job to work full-time online.

You can see there’s a lot more to it than Kelly Richards tells us. Don’t fall for this scam!

Verdict: Scam


An Alternative

For anyone starting online, I believe in learning the correct methods of affiliate marketing. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to sign up for a training program that will teach you how to build a business the right way.

No shortcuts or underhand methods.

My #1 recommended training program offers a FREE trial that’s worth trying. With the free lessons, you will learn how to set up a WordPress website and receive some initial training.

If you’re serious about building your own online business and you like the training you will need to become a premium member to receive the full training. Then put in the work, be persistent and patient and the results will come.

I tried many programs but it’s this program that finally helped me to earn online.

Stop trying the quick solutions and try something that works.

Read More About My #1 Recommended Training Program

If you’ve had any experience with Home Earning System or have any questions please let me know in the comments area below.



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