What is App Coiner? Can You Get paid For Testing Apps?

What is App Coiner? Get paid for testing apps.

There are lots of “easy ways” to make money to be found online. App Coiner makes it sound quite simple to earn online by simply testing apps. Sounds good, no?

In this review, we’ll see if it’s as easy to make money as they say.

App Coiner Review
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Price: $27
Website: https://appcoiner.com/
My opinion: App Coiner makes earning money from testing apps seem very easy. The sales page gives you misleading information. When you sign up you find you will be making money from affiliate marketing and not from simply writing reviews.


  • You will be making money with affiliate marketing which is a legitimate way to earn money online.
  • You are given a subdomain website.


  • Misleading information making it sound very easy to earn money by simply writing reviews.
  • No training on how to write a review that will rank in the search engines.
  • All the websites provided by AppCoiner are the same, with a subdomain, which will make it very difficult to rank in the search engines.
  • Upsells that might sound good to a newbie but won’t help you at all.

tired of scams like Viral Cash App

Who Owns App Coiner?

As very often, the owner isn’t disclosed. But it looks like the owner of App Coiner is the same as the owner of Paid Social Media Jobs and Paid Online Writing Jobs. I often get identical emails from the 3 programs.

Although the other 2 programs are not scams, you are paying for information you can find yourself for free. I don’t recommend them either. Perhaps App Coiner will be better!

What is App Coiner?

The only real information you get on the sales page is that you can get paid to test apps on your phone or tablet. You test the app, write a review, and get paid. It seems to be a simple process.

For further information, you need to give your first name and email address.

Apparently, it’s a 3 step process:app coiner's 3 step process

  1. You choose an app to review from the AppCoiner database
  2. You test the app and write your review
  3. The AppCoiner program monetizes your reviews automatically. The more reviews you complete, the more you earn.

The reason app developers need reviews is to get their apps in front of the consumers. With thousands of new apps released every day, it’s getting harder and harder for any new app to make an impact.

That’s the information from the sales page, to go further and see what’s really included in the program, you have to pay. So I signed up.

Inside App Coiner

Once you are a paid-up member, the first thing you are offered is an upsell! The upsell offers to pack your website with 50 reviews (17500 words + 100 images).

First Surprise

When you join AppCoiner, you get an app review website. Strange they didn’t mention this on the sales page. Why do you need a website when you get paid for each review? I’m sure we’ll find out later but for now, let’s get back to the upsell of 50 reviews.

If this was all unique content, it would be a gift, as the price is only $27. But for this price, it must be content that is used on many websites. The same reviews are posted on hundreds of websites. This won’t help you at all, the search engines won’t rank these duplicated articles.

After refusing the first upsell, there’s another… upsell. This time it’s the “Launch A Digital Product Business” program for just $47! Nothing to do with reviewing apps, so I carried on to access App Coiner.

The Members Area

You are welcomed into the members area with a message saying your app review website has been created.

You are given the URL so you can visit your site. This is my domain name peterjongeling.popularreviewer.com. The peterjongeling part of the name is unique, but popularreviewer.com is a subdomain that you will find on many websites.

You are also given the username and password so you can log in to the WordPress admin area and start writing reviews.

Your App Coiner website will look like this:

your free app coiner website

App Coiner The 3 Steps

As on the sales page, there are 3 steps. Although now, the 3 steps aren’t exactly the same.

Step 1

Create a Clickbank account and save your Clickbank affiliate ID in your website settings. You can’t access the WordPress editor until you fill in this info.

Step 2

Once your affiliate ID is entered, you can start adding reviews to your website. Select an app from the AppCoiner App Review Database. The database is on the dashboard of your website.

Download the app to your phone or tablet and test it. Then when you’re ready, write your review and publish. Repeat the process with more apps.

Step 3

Fill in the rest of your Clickbank account so you can be paid.

You are also shown the 3 ways you will earn money from your app review site.

1. Banner ads. Your website is preloaded with banner ads of related products sold on Clickbank. These ads contain your Clickbank ID. When someone clicks on one of these banners and makes a purchase, you make a commission.

2. Email opt-ins to build an email list. Your website has an opt-in form built in and also a free report, “How To Get The Hottest Apps For Free,” as a giveaway sign-up incentive.

When someone signs up, App Coiner automatically sends them the free report and then, every few days will send them an email with offers they may be interested in. The products they promote are all from Clickbank, and your affiliate link is included. You will get paid for every completed sale.

3. App download buttons. At the end of each review, a download button is automatically added. When someone clicks on the button, they are redirected to a page with banner ads of Clickbank products which, of course, contain your affiliate link. They are then redirected to the download page.

This Isn’t What Was Promised!

On the sales page, you are led to believe you will be paid just for writing a review. This isn’t true. You earn some money when someone clicks on the affiliate links that are automatically included on your site or in the emails and completes a purchase.

This is known as affiliate marketing and is a legitimate way to earn money online. Unfortunately, App Coiner doesn’t point this out and tries to mislead you into thinking you can make money easily.

You might be wondering why they deceive you, as it’s still possible to earn money from the affiliate links they include on your website.

You Need Traffic

Here’s the deal – affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as writing a review and getting paid. To achieve a sale or even to get someone to sign up to your email list, you have to get people to your website. This is known as traffic.

There are 3 main sources of traffic:

  1. The search engines
  2. Paid ads
  3. Social media

As I don’t recommend trying paid ads when you’re just starting, this leaves the search engines and social media.

To get traffic from the search engines, you need to write a review that will be ranked on the first page of Google. If you have no experience in writing reviews and search engine optimization, you won’t be ranked on the first pages. In addition, as your website is new, it will make it even more difficult. Google doesn’t usually rank new sites very well.

You might have more luck with social media. If you produce some great reviews and then share a link to them on Facebook, you might get some visitors to your website. You can use similar tactics on other social sites and also share graphics or photos.

Get Some Training

As you can see, there is much more involved with this than App Coiner tells you. If you follow their instructions, you have very little chance of earning anything.

If you’re interested in starting affiliate marketing, it’s a good idea to get some training.

You need to follow some training that:

  • will teach you how to write a unique review that converts
  • teaches you how to optimize your posts or reviews for the search engines
  • shows you how to build a website so you won’t need the generic site offered with App Coiner
  • provides help and support

My #1 recommended step-by-step affiliate marketing training platform offers a free trial with some free lessons and 2 free websites. After the trial period, you can either upgrade to a paid membership, $49 per month, that includes all the tools you need, or stay as a free member. You can read my review on the training platform here.

The most important point is that you should realize this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. To be successful will take hard work, determination, and patience. Go into affiliate marketing with this mindset, and you should do well.

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Some Common Scam Signs

Although this program may not be a scam, it is misleading and includes several features that are commonly found on dodgy programs.

Price reduction due to the huge demand for app testers in different countries. They offer this discount to everyone don’t be taken in!

discount due to high demand for app testers

Earnings calculator – this can be seen on several websites that promise easy money. Don’t believe these stupid calculators.

As we have established in this review, you don’t get paid per review, so this calculator is very misleading.

misleading earnings calculator

App Coiner Price

The price is $27, although if you really want to try the program, give them your email address and then wait several days.

I received an email after a couple of days with a 60% reduction. This brings the price down to $17.

I know this is still too much for this program, but there is a 60-day guarantee. The guarantee is from Clickbank and can be trusted.

Should You Try App Coiner?

App Coiner is not a complete scam as the affiliate marketing model they use is legitimate. However, it is a very misleading program that makes it seem very easy to earn money from writing reviews of apps.

You only discover what you will really be doing after you pay your membership fee, and it’s nothing like they describe on the sales page.

The other very bad point is that they provide absolutely no training or help. You have the choice of apps to review and a website.

How will you write reviews that rank if you have no experience in affiliate marketing? You won’t!

Do You Want To Get Paid For Testing Apps?

You can get paid for testing apps on sites like usertesting.com or testbirds.com. You can get paid up to $10 for testing an app which should take about 20 minutes. This sounds good, and is okay to earn a little extra money every month, but you will be limited in the number of apps that are offered to test each month.

Another website offering to pay for testing apps is bestreviewapp.com. However, don’t get too excited because the pay is just $0.50 to $1 for each review.

Using the affiliate marketing model suggested by App Coiner is also an option. There are some affiliate programs to be found that pay when someone downloads an app. This is known as cost-per-action marketing.

Amazon and other affiliate networks promote apps. Write reviews and include a link to Amazon or the network where they can purchase the app, and you will earn a very small commission.

The method App Coiner promotes could be a method for earning money online. Promote apps and other mobile-related products. But before you start, get some good training so you know how to write reviews that will both convert and also rank on the first page of the search engines.

Take a look at my #1 recommended internet marketing training program that will teach you all you need to know about affiliate marketing.

I hope you enjoyed my App Coiner review, and you can see it is possible to earn money from testing apps but not with this program.

Have you tried to earn money from testing apps? If you have any questions or comments, let me know below.


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