Take Surveys For Cash Review – Is $500 Per Survey Possible?

take surveys for cash review

If you’re into taking online surveys to earn a little extra money you may have come across Take Surveys For Cash.

The owner claims to be making $3500 per month from online surveys due to some weird trick he uses. He even claims to get paid $500 for some surveys!

Can these claims be true? The normal rates are a few cents to a few dollars per survey.

Having reviewed several survey sites, there are both scams like Paid Surveys At Home and legitimate sites that offer surveys such as Swagbucks.

In my review, you will find out if Take Surveys for Cash is worth joining or if it’s another scam.

Take Surveys For Cash Review


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Pros: 60-day guarantee
Cons: Lots of hype on the sales page. You don’t need to pay to take online surveys. No tips on getting high paying surveys and very little useful information. Very limited database of survey sites. Upsells.
Owner: Jason White
Price: $37 with downsells to $12
Website: http://www.takesurveysforcash.com
My opinion: In my opinion this is a scam. Misleading information and promises of large earnings that are impossible to achieve with online surveys. You don’t need to pay to take online surveys. If you do join online survey sites with the hope of making a little money be prepared to put in a lot of time for very small payments. Not recommended.

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What is Take Surveys For Cash?

take cash for surveys

Take Surveys For Cash or Take Cash For Surveys (seems to be known by these two names) is a site founded by Jason White.  The self-acclaimed king of online surveys.

jason white the king of paid surveys

It’s hard to know if Jason is a real person or another fictitious character, as is often the case with these low-quality programs. There is no information to be found about the “king” of paid surveys.

The program has been around for a few years and makes some crazy promises on the income you can make from online surveys.

This program is basically just a list of paid survey sites that you can join to earn a little money from taking surveys. There are also a few tips to help you get started.


What They Promise on Their Sales Page

  • You will learn how to pick the best, high paying surveys
  • You’ll get the #1 secret about paid surveys. The best survey companies don’t advertise but they trust the members referred from Take Surveys For Cash. Why? Because they have supposedly been shown the correct way to take surveys.
  • The survey companies give gifts to Jason White that he passes on to his members every month. These gifts range from free vacations to iPads, iPhones, or wireless headphones.
  • You’ll have access to new surveys only for the country in which you are resident.
  • Access to surveys you won’t find anywhere else
  • Step by step instructions that will enable you to become a professional survey taker.
  • $50 bonus when you finish your first survey

The sales page includes some so-called proof of income. These are copies of checks or bank statements. Both items can be easily falsified using photo editing software, so can not really be taken seriously.

Take Surveys For Cash income proof from $3 to $500 per survey

What You Actually Get – The Members Area

After signing up and getting to the members area you will probably be surprised to see how little information there is.

Everything included in the program except the list of survey sites is included in the getting started guide. Let’s have a quick look.

The Getting Started Guide

  • Shows you how to log in.
  • Has a link to what is meant to be another system to make $593 per day but this link takes you to the members area of Take Surveys For Cash.
  • Explains how paid surveys work. You will have to register with all the companies in the database and this will take a long time as there are 100s of companies.
  • Tips on maximizing your earnings. The main tip is to join all their survey partners. You are given a link to some software Roboform Filler that will help you to fill out forms, to speed up the process of signing up with all the survey companies. Additionally, there is also a link to a PDF where Jason White explains how RoboForm and a couple of password managing software (LastPass and Password Safe) work.
  • Start taking surveys when you receive the offers.
  • The last item in the Getting Started guide is some links to articles on “other ways to make money online”. While most of the methods are legitimate the information is very shallow, dated, and won’t really help you.

There is really very little useful information here. Certainly not what was promised on the sales page.

  • You’re not shown how to pick the highest paying surveys
  • You’re not shown the correct way to take surveys
  • There’s nothing that will make you a professional survey taker
  • You don’t get access to surveys you won’t find anywhere else.

Now let’s check out the survey site listings.

The Paid Survey Listings

After reading the Getting Started Guide, you are probably under the impression that there are 100s of survey sites in this list.

However, you will be surprised to see there are just 7 paid survey sites listed. This number may vary from time to time as they add or delete survey sites.

Your $50 Bonus

There is also a link to a page that explains how to claim your $50 bonus. You have to send Take Surveys For Cash proof that you have been paid by one of the companies in their database.

limited time $50 bonus

Remember the sales pages said you will get a $50 bonus when you complete your first survey, unfortunately, this isn’t true. You will be able to claim your bonus after being paid by the survey company.

Don’t imagine you will be paid for each survey. No, you will have to complete several surveys to reach the payment threshold.

As for the earning $500 per survey – typical earnings from one of the survey companies in the database is 6 to 18 points per survey. This translates into $50 for 300 points or about 25 surveys, that’s about $2 per survey!

In addition, some don’t pay cash but pay by giving you Amazon gift vouchers.

Earning a little amount like this for a survey is normal. To complete a survey may take 15 -30 minutes. Add to this the time you may spend filling out a survey only to receive notification that you don’t qualify after 10 minutes. Very annoying!

This is the reality about earning with online surveys, you spend lots of time and earn very little. You will probably earn $2 – $6 for an hour’s work. There is no way you will achieve the earnings promised by Jason White.

That’s All There Is!

The other items that you see in the members area are included in the getting started guide – Using Software to Make More Money With Surveys and Other Ways to Make Money Online.

Nothing worth paying for here! I’m still amazed there are only 7 survey sites in the database!


Why You Have To Pay?

Paying to join a website to take surveys isn’t necessary or recommended.

Take Surveys For Cash states they need your subscription to set up your membership in their system, to cover the cost of advertising/employees, and for the time they take to find the best surveys.

Judging from what you actually get, they probably only spend a few minutes a year to update the database. The cost is not justified you get no useful information and not even a decent list of survey sites.

If you want to try taking surveys yourself you don’t need to pay. You can search on Google and find lots of companies. You join as many as you like and then wait until you start getting offers of surveys in your inbox.

Once you reach the threshold that most companies set, you can start withdrawing your earnings. You may earn a few dollars per month at most from the different companies. But to do this you will spend a lot of time.


How much To Join Take Surveys For Cash?

The price to join is $39 but click to leave a couple of times and the price comes down to $27 then $12.


After paying you are hit with an upsell.

This is for tools and software that will help you take surveys twice as fast. Price $37 with downsells. No idea if this really works, as I didn’t try it. Having seen the rest of this program, I think you would be wasting your money.

You need to be careful with these upsells. Clickbank uses a system, PitchPlus Upsell Flows, that is meant to make payments easier so you don’t have to enter your payment details again. You may click on the button and expect to be taken to a page to enter your details but in fact, you purchase the product.

I find this very annoying and I recently purchased a product I didn’t want that cost more than $100. Luckily I did get a refund.

Every time I purchase something from Clickbank now, via Paypal, I cancel the preapproved payment to Clickbank, just to make sure I am not charged for something I don’t really want.


There is a 60-day guarantee with the program. If you want to get your money back make a claim through Clickbank, their payment processor.


Bottom Line – Is Take Surveys For Cash a Scam?

In my opinion, Take Surveys For Cash is a scam. You get very little for your money and nothing that you can’t find yourself for free searching on Google.

The 2 sales pages are very misleading and it’s dishonest giving people the impression they can make $1000s per month from online surveys.

I’m sure Jason White makes more from selling this program than he does from taking surveys.

If you want to earn money online there are better ways than online surveys. There are some legitimate survey sites you can join if you’re willing to work for very little. Don’t expect $500 per survey – it doesn’t exist!

This program with links that don’t work, only 7 sites in the database, and no SSL certificate has been around for a while. I’m sure Jason is happy as he can still make money from the site without any further investment.


Making Money Online Is Still Possible

Although making money from surveys isn’t endorsed, making money online is possible and there are ways a lot more lucrative than taking surveys. My recommended model is affiliate marketing.

You will probably even see some unscrupulous affiliate marketers who are promoting Take Surveys For Cash.

This isn’t the right way to go about affiliate marketing. You need to be honest and only promote legitimate programs. That way you will build up your own online business which can bring you a passive income month after month.

If you’re interested in building an affiliate marketing business I suggest you read about my #1 recommendation where I learned how to build this website. Click the link below to read my full review.

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