How To Outsource Writing For Your Website

How To Outsource writing for your website

You know that posting quality content and being consistent is very important for your website’s success.

Publishing unique articles on your website is one of the ways of building your reputation online. However, you may not have enough time to write all the articles your site needs. The good news is that you can outsource writing for your website.

Many of us bloggers doubt whether there are individuals that really can understand our businesses as well as us. There are a vast number of potential writers out there, just waiting for you to give them the task to write your articles.

So if you haven’t the time to write your own articles, you need to have the confidence to hire a freelancer.

Ghost writing has now become a profession for many people, and they write articles on a full-time basis. The article writers are highly experienced and take their job seriously thus ensuring they submit up to standard articles based on your requirements.

Further, the writers will carry out any job revisions. This is where as a website owner you would like some adjustments on an already submitted article. The job reviews are usually free of charge.

Upon receiving the article and making the agreed payment to the writer, the article is considered your property. You do not need to give credit to your freelance writer when the content is posted on your website.


Why You Need To Outsource Writing

Writing is time-consuming.

The more extensive your content for your website, the longer the time you will spend on writing. Hiring a writer to create content for you will save your time.

When you own a website you have to be a jack of all trades, you are responsible for writing content, the SEO, designing the graphics for your site, the keyword research, in brief, you have to do everything.

Hiring a writer will allow you to focus on some other matters such as the strategy of your website, email marketing, creating products or services, improving user experience and increasing business in general.

Hiring writers will build loyalty with the online community.

Posting content on a regular basis will ensure that your visitors return often to your website.

The services of freelance writers will help to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by writing content for your website. Quality content will also help to establish authority for your brand.

The articles from writers are top notch.

find a good writer your analytics should improve

Blogging is not just about writing. You need to have quality posts on your website, that are optimized for the search engines. The formatting of the article needs to engage your readers and make your content easy to digest.

By publishing high-quality useful posts on your site you will attract visitors, who in turn might repay you for your work by buying a product or service. You can track the success of your content marketing by following the steps in this post.

Hiring writers who are experts in creating content for websites like yours will ensure your posts are up to standard.

Come up with new exciting topics.

You may think that you have exhausted the topics that should be discussed on your blog. As the writer becomes conversant with your niche, they will probably have new angles and interesting ideas.

They ensure that your blog will be a go to source for readers seeking information on an individual topic. This will also break the monotony of your blog if you are writing posts alone.

Regular posts encourage more online conversations.

The more posts your website has, the more leads it should generate. This is because if your blog has more pages indexed, your website will have a higher probability to be among the top posts of Google search for certain phrases. Your readers will most likely comment and share their views on the posts as well as share them on their social media platforms.

Successful websites call for regular content.

As a website owner, your schedule might be tight. Also, you may not have a specific time during the week to ensure you post consistently at a particular time and date. To avoid posting haphazardly, hiring a freelance writer will portray a reliable source to your readers.


What Will You Gain From Hiring Writers?

You will always be punctual with posting new content.

Freelance writers should keep to your time frame and will always deliver the required content on time. You will no longer need to panic about running out of time to compose an article or being late for submissions on the website.

Your audience will easily connect with your posts.

Professional writers are experienced and knowledgeable on how best to connect with your audience. They are experts at writing, and their posts will always keep your readers glued to your website and leave them thirsting for more.

You will have the privilege of posting quality content on your website.

Writers make a living from writing. They, therefore, consider you as a client and they deliver well-researched posts, correctly formatted and quality work as none of them would risk losing a customer.

You get time to concentrate on more constructive activities of your business.

Once you are free from writing the posts, it implies that you will be able to focus your energy on other matter in your business such as improving the business systems, staff management, customer satisfaction and generating more revenue.

You will be able to focus on what you love.

Writing may not be a walk in the park for you. However, in the modern world, it is almost mandatory to have a website for a business or a product. Hiring writers to create articles for the website will release the burden of writing, and you will be able to focus on your area of expertise.

Your website will be more marketable.

Freelance writers enjoy what they do and take pride in creating good articles for their clients. Well written articles attract new visitors and retain the current readers because they meet the requirements of the readers as well as build trust.

Writers can do all the tasks for you.

Writers do everything from coming up with the topic of the content to be written. Once you approve, they go ahead to do a detailed research of the particular subject, format and proof read to ensure the article is ready to be posted. Some writers can also assist in posting the articles on your website.


Where To Find A Writer

  • Freelance writing websites. There are numerous websites that connect writers and website owners. You submit the description of your task, and the company assigns the job to a writer. On other websites, you interact directly with the writers, and you choose your preferred writer. The costs of writing the content are fair and vary in different freelance writing companies.
  • Websites in the same niche. There are numerous blogs that share posts that discuss the same topic as yours. You can search online for similar blogs and reach out to the writer of the blog. This will be an added advantage as you will get a writer who is already conversant with your area of interest.
  • Referral from a writer. You may be biased towards a particular writer due to their good work. There are occasions where the writer may not be available to write for you. You can request the writer to send another good writer your way. An excellent writer who cares for the client will refer a person who they believe will submit quality work.
  • Social Media. You can find a potential writer via LinkedIn. Also, individuals who offer freelance writing services regularly write on their profile pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+.



How To Hire Great Writers

  • When hiring writers, take the time to go through their profiles. Look out for their writing history,get to know your writer job rating and reviews from previous clients.
  • Writers with no history of their work and a lower score are riskier. Also, don’t be too hasty to reach out to the top rated writers who might be offered numerous tasks. Your job might be one of many articles they have to write, so you might not be able to use them to your advantage.
  • Choose writers that are still building their profiles. A positive rating for this writer means so much to them, and thus they will put in extra effort to give you incredible work as they are on the journey of building a good name.
  • Contact the writers of your choice. Request the writers to send you the breakdown of the line item and the communication of test drive. You should clarify any further question you have with the writer. Request samples of their previous work to ensure they meet the standards you want for your website.
  • After screening the writers, pick the one who seems the best to you. Your choice should be based on the quality of the samples, the time they took to reply to your queries and the one with the best proposal of the task offered. Avoid writers who take too long to respond as that could be a sign of being unreliable.
  • Cost. Don’t go for a writer because he is the cheapest you can find. As with most things, writing is the same, you get what you pay for! Be ready to pay a decent price for well written and well-researched articles.


What To Include In The Job Description

As you provide the job description, you should include the following:

  • Your job title should be clear. Have some specific instructions. This is an indication to the writer that you know exactly what you want.
  • Provide a project description. You should discuss in detail the project you are assigning to the writer. You can offer illustrations to help your writer understand the job better.
  • Specify the required skills. In case your job requires technical expertise, mention it and also determine the English level you would prefer from your preferred candidate.
  • Establish clear guidelines and timelines.
    • The date you need the article
    • How revisions will be dealt with
    • Do you expect a finished draft or do you want your writer to submit the first paragraphs to make sure they understand your requirements
  • If you know of a similar project that you think is great, that uses the formatting and style you want, send your writer a link


How To Work With Your Writercommunicate with your writer

Be punctual with paying your writer.

Being timely with making payments to the writer is crucial for them. Failing to pay a writer on time will cause financial constraints, and they will most likely prefer to do the jobs they have already been paid for. Your jobs might therefore not be submitted on time.

Maintain effective communication.

In as much as you have a ghost writer, you should try to keep a frequent communication with your writer. This will keep you abreast with the progress of the project as well as give your writer a chance to seek clarification on any point that is not clear.

Create a reporting schedule.

You can request the writer to send you the draft of the task when the job is half done. You will stand a better chance to solve any issues before the job is complete.

Set the goals of the job according to your priority.

You should state the specific goals of your job and priorities of the task to give the writer a better view of the final product you expect.


Have You Found Your Ideal Writer?

A good writer pays attention to detail. Your writer should pay attention to all the specifications that you have stated in the job assigned to them. They should not ignore at any point the requirements you have written on the job description or the job overview.

How did your writer do? Did they ignore any of your requirements? If so was this due to the lack of clarity in your instructions?

In my experience when articles don’t meet my expectations, often I am to blame because my instructions weren’t good enough. However, sometimes you come across a bad writer who is ready to cheat and copy an article from another source or write an incomplete post. It always worth checking any article you are paying for is unique.

A great writer is the one who can write complex ideas into a clear and straightforward language that will be understood by your readers. This outstanding quality is essential to tackle even the, most complicated subject matter.

Your writer should provide revisions of the work in case you need some. You may require clarification on certain points of the work as well as the inclusion of some omitted points. The writer’s article should not be final, and you should not be charged an extra cost for the adjustments.

It will often take some back and forth to get the article you want. By having this communication both you and your writer will learn. For your next project, you will know better what to ask for and your writer will also have a better idea of what you require.

Hiring a freelance writer isn’t a straight forward process, in fact, it can be quite daunting. But many businesses, perhaps yours, will benefit from working with freelance writers.

So be patient, follow the process, communicate with your writer and in the end you will have some awesome articles for your business.

What’re your secrets for outsourcing writers for your website? Have you hired freelance writers for your website and did it work out for you? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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