Team Vinh International Review – Is this another MLM scam?

Product: Team Vinh InternationalTeam Vinh logo
Overall Ranking:  5 out of 100 or  0.25/5 stars
Price: $338.97 + $39.95 per month
Owner: Vinh H.Le


The founder of Team Vinh International, Vinh H. Le, started the company after he found out that 99% of people who sign up for MLM schemes actually fail or don’t make any money. Vinh set about creating a system that works 24/7 selling and recruiting on your behalf, making you money while you sleep.

Sounds good! In my review, we will see if this is possible and if the members are being paid.


What is Team Vinh International?

When you start looking at the Team Vinh (aka “V”) website, at first it’s difficult to know what the site is about. They tell you:

  • it’s a home-based business opportunity
  • they generate leads and traffic.
  • it’s a turn-key system for making money.

After digging a little deeper you discover that when you join “V”, you also join a multi-level marketing company. TeamVinh has its own group of network marketers, whose job is to get sales and find new members. These members are then signed up and put in your downline.

A multi-level marketing scheme where they do all the work and you reap the rewards. At least, that’s what we are led to believe.

What is a little strange, is that they don’t tell you what MLM company they are working with or the products they promote, in fact, the information is very general and vague. You have to register to receive a little more info.

The main emphasis is put on the fact that most people fail in MLMs because they can’t sell or recruit. This is true and that’s what TeamVinh is meant to do in your place.

YouTube video

Who is this for?

This could be for you if you believe it is possible to start an online business, that makes money, without doing any work. “V” is for people who don’t know how to sell or don’t want to sell. You have a team of professionals who do the work for you.

Of course, you don’t get anything for nothing, you have to invest some money and this may be too expensive for many people. You can see more about the costs below.

The site is only translated into English and Vietnamese at the moment, with other translations Spanish and Chinese on the way.


How the Team Vinh scheme works

You can register for “V” at no cost. You will have to give your name, address, email and telephone number. Not something I particularly like giving out.

Once registered, you have access to the back office where you are supposed to be given more information about how the system works. Consequently, you will be able to make your decision to join “V” or not. In reality, there isn’t really much additional information in the back office.

One thing I did learn, is what products TeamVinh is promoting.  The products are:

  • Video Email
  • Video Greetings Cards
  • Video Conferencing and Calendar Scheduling
  • Ox Mobile App that allows you to send video greetings from your mobile

The MLM company that sells the merchandise is called Vodeox (aka OX) and is also part of “V”.

I don’t know if these products will appeal to the general public or just to the new recruits of TeamVinh, who are obliged to buy them.

If you do decide to join TeamVinh, you must pay the registration fee ($39.97) and purchase up to two VPaks ($299 per pack). Then you activate your position with Vodeox, which is a minimum payment of $39.95 per month.

A VPak will give you one person in your downline, that person is found by TeamVinh. This is repeated for each person in your downline. The choice of one or two VPaks will depend on your skill in recruiting new members yourself. If you are capable of enrolling new members you need only buy one VPak.


The compensation plan

As with many MLM schemes, the compensation plan is a real headache. The first part is quite simple. When your VPak is fulfilled, meaning you are given or you recruit a new member, who in turn buys a VPak and the minimum OX product you are paid $50.

After that “V” will build you a team of 14 people.

Tvinh V team

and your potential earnings are:

TV potential earnings

The $160 or $1200  is 4 x your monthly product purchase. After that, there is more, what is called Bonus Pools or revenue sharing pools. Too complicated for me, don’t even try to understand how that works.

Personally, I like to fully understand something before I join. In addition, if you are trying to refer people yourself, how can you expect them to sign up if you are not capable of explaining the compensation plan.

Another point that is worrying is the length of time you may have to wait to have one or even two people in your downline. Some members have been waiting a year or more and still have no one in their downlines.

There is also a 2% founder member profit share for the first 50,000 people who join the scheme. The question is, will they ever be in profit?


Learn how to build a real online business and start for FREE!


How does “V” find the leads

TeamVinh tells us they have developed multiple channels of leads, they call these the Dynamic Traffic Channels or “DTCs”. These are composed of:

  • The world’s biggest internet marketing gurus as their partners
  • Social media experts
  • SEO specialists
  • TeamVinh leaders
  • Call center manned by professional marketers
  • Additionally the more traditional channels: television infomercials, live seminars, webinars, billboard ads, radio ads in the major cities.

All these work together to build your downline, although judging from the comments below, they haven’t been very effective up to now.

Pros & Cons


  • They point out that 99% of people fail in MLM schemes
  • No time or work required from you
  • You don’t need to recruit family and friends into the business
  • You don’t have any promotional materials to buy
  • No meetings to attend


  • Expensive to join TeamVinh
  • Monthly fee for MLM company
  • Might be a pyramid scheme
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Negative reviews and complaints
  • Members say they have waited a long time and still have no one in their downlines


Tools and Training

You don’t get any training from Team Vinh international, although you do get a couple of  bonuses from two “internet marketing gurus”:

  • a free training course from Mike G
  • a 1 million “sokens” worth $1,270 from Jane Mark. Apparently, sokens are credits that are issued by the site Sokule, these can be used to help you build a list or to advertise your business.

To receive the course from Mike G (Mike Glaspie) you have to entrust him with your email address and telephone number.


What are members or ex-members saying

As usual with this type of program, you find negative and positive comments. Perhaps some of the positive comments are from people promoting TeamVinh.

In the comment below from someone who was a member of Team Vinh from 2010, he spent a fortune and after a few years had just two members in his downline and hadn’t earned anything. I am very surprised he stayed a member so long.

V complaints2

There are many comments like the following. Members that have joined and after a year or so they are still waiting for something to happen.

team V complaints1

These comments date from a period where “V” was involved with other MLM companies, but the fact that members seem to rarely have been assigned people in their downlines cannot give you any confidence in this company or system.

The alliance with Vodeox is very recent, so there are no comments since “V” has been with this MLM company.

There are some complaints on the and these complaints seem to have been resolved which is encouraging. Team Vinh has issued refunds.

How much will this cost you?

The price to become a member of Team Vinh is $338.97 and you also have to engage with an MLM company which is another $39.95 per month. However, to achieve the rewards mentioned in the compensation plan you will either have to buy two VPAKs or recruit a member yourself. Therefore the total signing on fee could be $637.97 plus the $39.95 monthly cost to join the MLM company.

V sign up start up costs

If you are a member of “V” for a year, your investment would be either:

  • $338.97 + (39.95 x 12) $479.40 =  $818.37 or
  • $637.97 + $479.40                        = $1117.37

This a lot of money to invest, not knowing how long it will be before you have someone placed in your downline and receive some payments.


My final opinion

I don’t think it’s a good idea investing your money in this “opportunity”. There are many complaints online about the system which doesn’t seem to have worked in the past.

Although I like the idea that they will fulfill your “VPak”, the question is will it work now with the new products they are promoting? I am a little dubious if these products will appeal to the masses. I wouldn’t be interested in paying $40 per month to be able to send video greeting cards or video email.

A genuine MLM program sells products or services to people who are not in the program. When you join Team Vinh and Vodeox you are obliged to pay for things you may not want or need and your income is dependant on the number of people “V” recruits. I think it’s best to stay away from Team Vinh.

Verdict: Not recommended


12/15/15 The SEC filed a lawsuit against Team Vinh and Vu H.Le.


A better choice

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online that isn’t a multi-level marketing scheme I would suggest affiliate marketing. This will take a great deal of work and at least a few months before you see any earnings.

If you are persistent and work hard you will see the results. The main investment with affiliate marketing will be your time. All right, there will be a monetary investment, nevertheless, this will much less than the $800 investment for a year with TeamVinh.

One of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that you decide what you sell. You are not limited to the products from the MLM company. You have complete control over your business and you don’t need to sign up any members. Your earnings will depend on the number of products you sell via your site, there is no direct selling.

To get started, I always recommend obtaining some good training. The best online internet marketing training course I have experienced is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join and you can see what they have to offer compared to Team Vinh in the comparison chart below.

Have you any experience with Team Vinh? Have you tried MLM? Let me know in the comments below.


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